Laboratory stand InnoKlemm

A laboratory stand with multiple areas of application


Portable manually adjustable stand for :

   Areas of application : 
Round bottom flasks   Lab experiments                
Erlenmeyer  flasks    Sample units
Beakers and test tubes    Magnetic stirrer adaptors
Fixations :    Container holders for
Various adjustable clamps    heat application
and container holders  
A perfect combination with the diverse clamp system InnoKlemm

Stirrer-baffle for agitator InnoKlemm

Assures a more efficient mix

 Suitable for beakers, erlenmeyer  flasks, pots, bowls, dishes made from plastics, glass or stainless steel

The baffle for efficient and thorough mixing of fluids and suspensions

   Further applications : 
The baffle provides a spacific   Test tube brackets                 
swirl and therefore promotes      Multifunctional use with
a significantly more efficient     clampsystem InnoKlemm
blending of fluids    Material : PVDF
      Temp. -60°C to 150°C

The Innovations for Agitation and Mixing of fluids and suspensions

Ref. number 2008-001 Price CHF 28.60

 Clamp set, baffle for agitation / blade 12 x 150mm  (beakers 1-2 liters)

Ref. number 2009-001 Price CHF 33.75

Clamp set, baffle for agitation / blade 18 x 220mm (beakers 2-5 Liter)


Clampsystem InnoKlemm





 CHF 224.25

CHF 339.30

CHF 517.50

 For fixing manual devices

Combination of containers Setup of laboratory experiments
Low stress anaesthetising device for laboratory animals InnoEx

 Control unit and lid

 InnoEx basic    InnoEx mobil
 toxicology, pathalogy    - foldable animalbox
 InnoEx expert    - integrated control device
 Veterinary surgery    - Movable on wheels
Mobile work stations InnoWorks    
  Mobile  solvent - tank - system for laboratories

  Fully automated dispenser station for laboratories

  - Electronic control unit with process display
  - Electronic filling and dosing automation  
    Valve operated control system with filling level regulation and emergency cutout  
  - Multiple chamber reservoirs with monitored safety catchment  
    Filling and extraction connections with attachment for air outlet  
  - Safety system

    Monitoring and alarm systems - sensor technology 

    Metering valves with timer monotoring
   More projects

 A real alternative

The solution



space saving


process oriented

individual efficient
compact economical

Animal-weigh station