Innovations are our speciality

Clampsystem InnoKlemm

Prototypes for laboratory OnVu

The innovative clamping systems for manually
operated devices
including options for liquid and gas feeds

 Development of
 manually operated
 devices to activate
 'intelligent' TTI


Working models for Exhibitions and        Trade Fairs

Low stress Anaesthetising device for Laboratory animals InnoEx

An innovative
Product deserves
an effective
exhibit appearance
Produktebeschreibung  Programable with
 remote control


Our 'Laboratory-Innovation' Team can put into realization:

Individual laboratory projects for optimum user solutions
Mobile and exchangeable laboratory work stations InnoWork Innovation

Technical accessories and our own refined collection of designs 2012
Prototypes, special solutions, services and calibrations newsletter
Optimize your laboratory Reqiurements\Effectiveness\Efficiency in partnership with us. .
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