who we are ?

Thank you for your interest in our company, services and our very own product speciality line.

The company Laboratory-Innovation GmbH was founded in 2005 with the goal to support laboratories in the research, medical, and industrial field. Our aim is to work with companies to find technical solutions for individual user needs.

Products / Services

Project coordination and the realization of innovative user solutions. Renovations and

modifications of laboratory devices.

Mobile Workstations according to our clients individual needs. Modular systems for

equipment-, cage-, storage-, installation-, rack- and dispensing systems.

Prototypes an adjustments specifically for laboratory and technical equipment.

Our very own speciality technical equipment for laboratory needs.


Consultations and Services


A comprehensive consultation that ensures we satisfy your needs. For an impeccable and reliable service, our efficient Team will be at your disposal.


The strenght of the Laboratory-Innovation Company lies within offering our clients completed solutions, that is we are capablility to bring "ready-to-use" and economical problem solutions into realization.


The managing director Mr. Alfred Ackermann is a certified expert with a 25 years range of experience in the line of laboratory technics. His experience is in the area development and consulting. He has worked as a research mechanic, project manager and teamleader. Before founding his company he ran a business unit in laboratory technics as a leading expert, including being head of the departement in a tool production division.

As an additional member of the leading management team, Mr. Roger Ackermann is a responsible for the areas electronics, automation and technical purchase. Roger graduated in electronical mechanics. His expertise was gained by numerous engagements abroad and several years of experience in the constructions of chemical machinery installations. The completion of his advanced studies as a technical salesman enhances our commitment as a inovative, service orientated company.


  On behalf of the Laboratory-Innovation-Team
Alfred Ackermann
Owner and managing director